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Every night the pilot episode of a new sitcom is improvised before your very eyes.

You create the universe of the sitcom and we’ll bring to life your new favortie series with its madcap situations, desperate love stories and larger than life characters.  Nothing is prepared, nothing is discussed, everything is improvised to provoke your “uncanned” laughter.  Friends, How I Meet Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Scrubs, Modern Family, Seinfield...  If you like these series then you are a fan of sitcoms.

Alternating with: Timothée Ansieau, Caroline Riche, Charlotte Finet, Stella Pueyo, Jean-Marc Guillaume and Mark Jane


Every Wednesday from 13th September 2023 to 26th June 2024

9pm- Le Métropole, 39 rue du Sentier - 75002 Paris

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In French


The audience is plunged into a wild whirlwind of funny, daunting and touching scenes in this interactive show.  Chaos is improvised yet structured, light-hearted yet brutal, messy yet organized in a performance where suddenly everything finds its place as if by magic.  An seemingly impossible challenge that demonstrates that even when we improvise there are no accidents.  Come and experience the thrill of Chaos and see if it can be tamed!


Alternating with: Timothée Ansieau, Caroline Riche, Jean-Marc Guillaume, Mark Jane, Ophélie Trichard, Odile Cantero, Hélène Morret and Loic Armel-Colin.


From the 5th February to the 29th June 2024

8pm - Studio des Champs Elysées, 15 avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris

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In French


1 actor, 2 audience members, their story...
That's the trio that will improvise a whole show inspired by their favourite stories.
There is an unwritten rule in theatre that you should never keep audience volunteers on stage for more than 15 minutes.  Mark Jane courageously breaks this rule by improvising an hour long story with 2 audience members.  Mark narrates, directs and plays all the other characters whilst the lucky couple are transformed into the heroes of their own fabulous adventure. The Oscar for the best actor and actress are not far off...

Trio is on tour around Europe, visit or Facebook to find out more.

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In French


Absurd theatre is unique as it can be interpreted in a thousand ways: each spectator experiences it through his/her vision of the world.  What if we put the most famous texts from absurd theatre into the mouths of masks?  For the first time ever, Trance Mask France proposes a show played with “Trance Masks” (a technique developed by Keith Johnstone).  How will these very special characters discover and help us rediscover the classics of absurd theatre?  Every show will explore a different absurd play.  Surprising, Touching, bizarre…  we don’t know how the masks will react…but one thing is certain, it won’t be as the authors had planned! 

Alternating with: Sarah Lefort-Pirio, Claire Hinaut, Robin Gueguen, Mark Jane, Nicolas Berjon, Roxane Michelet and Sévan Kazandjian


Dates to be announced


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