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In search of an unknown hero...

Inspired by your suggestions, the actors propose a biography of an everyday hero.  A one hour exhilarating life story punctuated by flash-backs, intriguing characters and improbable anecdotes that marked the life of our hero.  Plunge into intimate secrets, hold your breath in moments of glory and tremble in times of doubt.  The story writes itself before your eyes.

Alternating with: Timothée Ansieau, Loïc Colin, Nabla Leviste, Jean-Marc Guillaume, Mark Jane, Hélene Morré and Odile Cantero


Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from October 2021 to July 2022
8 pm- Le Théâtre Trévise, 14 rue de Trévise 75009 PARIS (M° Cadet)

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In French


1 actor, 2 audience members, their story...
That's the trio that will improvise a whole show inspired by their favourite stories.
There is an unwritten rule in theatre that you should never keep audience volunteers on stage for more than 15 minutes.  Mark Jane courageously breaks this rule by improvising an hour long story with 2 audience members.  Mark narrates, directs and plays all the other characters whilst the lucky couple are transformed into the heroes of their own fabulous adventure. The Oscar for the best actor and actress are not far off...

Trio is on tour around Europe, visit or Facebook to find out more.