Games and Stakes: The Improvised Theatre Toolbox

In 2018 Mark published his book "Games and Stakes: The Improvised Theatre Toolbox".  The book was first published in French.

Containing over 130 exercises the book is divided into three sections: The Basics, Short form and Long form.  

Thanks to a mix of European and North American impro traditions this book offers a wide and varied approach to improvised theatre exploring the notions of spontaneity, narration, masks and even adpating Joseph Cambell's Hero's Journey for improvised performance.

The French version is currently available here.

Impro - Improvisation and the theatre

In 2012 Mark supervised the translation of "Impro - Improvisation and the theatre" by Keith Johnstone.

Mark managed the project to find a publisher in France and assisted in the translation.

The original English version was first published in 1981 and is today considered as an essential book for all theatre practitioners.  It had never been published in French before. 

Impro - Improvisation and the theatre

Keith Johnstone

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