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Trance Mask and the art of being in the present

Mark teaches a mask technique called "Trance Mask".  This style of mask is based on the work of Keith Johnstone.  Mark works with two kinds of mask the "Full mask" and the "Half mask". 

Full masks cover the whole face and are silent.  They have a gentle yet powerful presence where each gesture and movement can tell a hundred stories. 

Half masks cover the top of the actors face but leave the mouth free thus they can make noise and speak.  These masks are more closely connected with the notion of "Trance".  When activated the actor has a true sensation of "letting go" and allowing his/her instincts to take control. 

Mark proposes workshops in French and English to discover this unique mask technique.  See the workshops page for more information.

Trance Mask France was created in 2015.

Playing with masks

Mark has experimented with masks in a variety of shows including "My name is Johan" with Steve Jarand. He often mixes improvisation with his onstage mask work.

Absurde A4 opp.jpg

His new mask show is called

"The Asurd World of Masks"

You can discover the dates and reserve 

your place on the Shows page of this site.

Mask tourists in Paris

Mask making and sales

Mask sales

Mark can make masks to order.  Here are a selection of mask styles that can be ordered.  Please contact Mark if you have a special request.

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